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Katie and Scott by Billie-san Katie and Scott :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 0 0 Katie and Scott Avatar by Billie-san Katie and Scott Avatar :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 1 0
Special Person [Tony Stark / The Avengers]
Special Person [Tony Stark]
You stepped out of the elevator quietly and you are greeted with silence. You raise an eyebrow. The most of your time Pepper would greet you and smile almost motherly at you. Or Tony would make a few jokes when he hears your enter the room.
But today all is quiet around you. You blink startled and you tilt your head to the side, like a confused puppy.
You are a good friend from Tony and something like his working partner, because you are a magician when it comes to cars and other technical things. “Good morning, Ms. [Name]” You let out a light eep when you hear the voice of Tony’s computer on your side. “G-good morning, Jarvis…where’s Pepper? And where’s Tony?”
It sounds like Jarvis sighs and you would chuckle when you didn’t have the feeling something is wrong. “I’m not authorized to answer this question, I’m sorry, Ms. [Name].”
“I-it’s okay, Jarvis” you wave yo
:iconbillie-san:Billie-san 1 0
Lambada Dance [Steve Rogers / The Avengers]
Lambada Dance [Steve Rogers / The Avengers]
Steve opens the door with a little tired sigh, closing the door with a quiet push. He only wanted to visit you and maybe watch a movie or two with you.
“Ma'am?” No answer but the blond man hears music from your room and get closer to it. With a little smile he turns the knob of the door and open it further, only to see you dancing. But not a normal dance…He doesn’t know the name of the dance, but oh my god…
You sway your hips elegantly but erotically from side to side, hearing only the music from your player on your side. Your arms swinging with the beat to your lambada dance and your toes of your left foot tips the ground once in a while.
Steves eyes are wide like car wheels, he doesn’t know what to do. What should he do? But his blue orbs can’t look away from your dancing form. His heart beats faster and faster in his rib cage. The longer he watches you, the more he feels dizzy.
His cheeks go redd
:iconbillie-san:Billie-san 39 11
The Avengers x Reader-insert
The Avengers x Reader-insert
Unlawful Pride ~ The Avengers x Reader
Chapter 1: Saving a new friend
Red eyes in the face of a young woman look lightly grim at the scene in front of her. She hides behind a shield like orb, who conceal her from the outside world.
Before the man gets stab from his dark haired opponent you raise your hand. With a small smile you see the dark clothed man get stabbed from the green eyed guy.
But in the same time you look behind you. “How are you? Did he hurt you?” You turn around, your black coat swaying like a raven wing.
You watch the dark clothed man amused, who sits on his butt. He also is hidden now like you in your orb. His blue eyes look at you with slight irritation.
“So, how are you?” You get down to your knees and stroke gently his cheek. You close your eyes for a few seconds to feel if he was hurt from the battle.
Phil Coulson watches you in curiosity, asking himself what happened. What happened out there, he know he had
:iconbillie-san:Billie-san 8 2
Inuyasha and Sakura flowers by Billie-san Inuyasha and Sakura flowers :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 2 4
Mature content
Ludwig Beilschmidt Lemon :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 30 14
Sketch of Fran - KHR- by Billie-san Sketch of Fran - KHR- :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 3 28 Edward on an envelope by Billie-san Edward on an envelope :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 2 3 Alucard of Hellsing by Billie-san Alucard of Hellsing :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 4 27 Vashu the Stampedo by Billie-san Vashu the Stampedo :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 0 3 The lonely warrior Sesshoumaru by Billie-san The lonely warrior Sesshoumaru :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 2 15 Vincent-Sketch for Sarah by Billie-san Vincent-Sketch for Sarah :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 0 3 Obito - Tobi by Billie-san Obito - Tobi :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 0 15 Joyful Lina by Billie-san Joyful Lina :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 1 3 Lina and Gourry by Billie-san Lina and Gourry :iconbillie-san:Billie-san 1 0


[Fairy tail OC] Kitty exceed by HyokaChan [Fairy tail OC] Kitty exceed :iconhyokachan:HyokaChan 24 5 Shiroyama Rei - Pencil Sketch Request by AnthonyGonzalesClark Shiroyama Rei - Pencil Sketch Request :iconanthonygonzalesclark:AnthonyGonzalesClark 15 5
The Comprehensive Guide to Ki and Energy
        Ki. Chi. Chakra. Nen. Spirit Energy. Magic power. Spiral power.
        Throughout the history of shonen manga and anime, the mystical energy that gives our heroes their power(s) has always had a name. Dragon Ball has always made it a point to discuss or comment on the nature and presence of their preferred brand of energy: ki. It is an energy that exists within the bodies of powerful individuals, it allows the characters of the Dragon Ball universe to perform amazing feats, to fly, and to unleash incredible attacks like the Kamehameha or the Makankosappo.
        As it is one of the most important factors in the history of Dragon Ball and is a central element in several martial arts, ki is a concept that is not to be ignored within the realm of “Dragon Ball Legacy”. However, as opposed to the mysterious power described in Akira Toriyama's series, ki in “Legacy” is
:icontheonetoughnerd:TheOneToughNerd 2 0
Wiegenlied der Drachen by ChurrosArt Wiegenlied der Drachen :iconchurrosart:ChurrosArt 5 1 DBM tribute 400 pages col by BK-81 DBM tribute 400 pages col :iconbk-81:BK-81 420 136 2009-2017 by Kuvshinov-Ilya 2009-2017 :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 10,518 719 Rebekka Sugar by coolerdeath Rebekka Sugar :iconcoolerdeath:coolerdeath 3 2 Rainbow Book Tutorial by BoekBindBoetiek Rainbow Book Tutorial :iconboekbindboetiek:BoekBindBoetiek 687 112 Coloring Book PDF-Version by Lighane Coloring Book PDF-Version :iconlighane:Lighane 254 59 SELECTION: Official Art Book by Kaze-Hime SELECTION: Official Art Book :iconkaze-hime:Kaze-Hime 6,636 259 coloring tutorial by cos22 coloring tutorial :iconcos22:cos22 985 173 Sleepy Baby Book Dragons by HowManyDragons Sleepy Baby Book Dragons :iconhowmanydragons:HowManyDragons 732 92 The Avengers - Style Test by alvinlee The Avengers - Style Test :iconalvinlee:alvinlee 1,553 178 Gingerbread Dragon Hatchling Concepts by The-SixthLeafClover Gingerbread Dragon Hatchling Concepts :iconthe-sixthleafclover:The-SixthLeafClover 413 14 Lady Snowflake Line Art by AngelaSasser Lady Snowflake Line Art :iconangelasasser:AngelaSasser 517 38 Ancient Assyrian Girls by GingerOpal Ancient Assyrian Girls :icongingeropal:GingerOpal 445 140


:iconriley-27: :iconlermia: :iconinnocentlycorrupt: :iconsorasgirl0123: :iconagnes-hanko: :iconnordicvikings: :icontigerqueen-sangha: :iconworm-hunter: :iconsarothehedgehog: :iconhetaliashero:



Current Residence: Central City Headquarter
Favourite genre of music: rock, pop, 80's, j-pop, anime and game soundtracks
Favourite style of art: fantasy, anime, dragons
Favourite cartoon character: Sephiroth, Auron, Reno, Vincent
Personal Quote: There is no distance too great between friends, for love gives wings to the heart.
Does your name fit you?

A=French Kisser
B=Good Kisser
C=will kick your ass
D=very very easy for people to like you
E=crazy as hell
F=loves it hard
G=can kick your ass
H=freaking hot
I=everyone's best friend
L=beautiful eyes
M=very good kisser
N=cool person
P=the best at all sports
Q=an animal lover
S=damn sexy
T=easy to fall in love with
U=will make you laugh till your sides burst
V=most amazing kisser EVA!
W=makes people laugh
X=never lets people tell you what to do
Y=can be funny and dumb at the same time
Z=loved by everyone


S = Damn sexy
Y = Can be funny and dumb at the same time
B = Good Kisser
I = everyone's best friend
L = beautiful eyes
L = beautiful eyes (YAAAAY, I have two beautiful eyes XD)
E = Crazy as hell

woah, I'm damn sexy (yeah yeah, where?), a good kisser (don't know XDD), funny and dumb in the same (yeah, that's totally me XD), everyone's best friend (I try it, but sometimes I can be a bitch XD), beautiful eyes (really? hmmm *looks in the mirror* hmmm...) and yes, I'm crazy as hell, especially when I eat too much sugary things XDDD
  • Listening to: silence of the day (and no it's not a song XD)
  • Eating: cereals
  • Drinking: milk


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